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Doubleview PowerHouse Mackie Medal 2013

Another season where the Doubleview PowerHouse were the standout performers in the Home and away games that unforunetly ended in disappointment, failing once again at the last hurdle in their attempt to win the 2013 Premiership.

The Club has lots to be proud of all the same, after all they finished ahead of 8 other Clubs and considering that in seasons 2012 and 2013 they produced the best performed rink in the PL on those occasions, but even with that marvellous achievement in the bag there is something missing from the current group that stops them achieving their ultimate goal, which of course is to win what the season is all about, to win the most important game of the season, the Grand Final.

It has been sometime since we have seen the Premiership Flag flying at Doubleview, the last time was back in 2009 with a handsome win over Victoria Park and 3 shot win against the then up and coming Osborne Park 16 in 2007.

Until the Doubleview Bowling Club win a Grand Final it remains difficult to make any sort of comparison to any of their great sides of the past that have won a flag

The famous Mackie Medal count, something Sherro has followed since 2005 was held recently for the Best Player award, the results were as follows.

John Slavich 402

Skipper John Slavich won his 4th Mackie Medal in a season that saw he and his rink win the honour of being the best performed rink in the Premier League.
A great achievement for John and his players where they lost 3 games in the 20 they played, no doubt John would have in a heartbeat swap any honours such as a Mackie Medal win for a DV win this years Grand Final..

The good news for John and Doubleview is he is young and has plenty of time ahead to see the PowerHouse win another Grand Final or two.
A feather in his cap was his and the rink he was in charge of doing well in the Interstate Sides series held in Bendigo recently. That performance capped of a wonderful season and lets hope it continues for John in future seasons

Pat Buller 384Pat Buller

Patrick Buller had another top season to come second in the voting, this after spending a year in One White the previous season where he won the Mott Medal as best player.
In the games Sherro saw him play he was in pretty good touch showing he still retains those all important skills needed to play in the PL.

Patrick’s biggest asset is his adoptability to play any position he was chosen to play, where ever there was need to fill a gap he did so, doing whatever was the best thing was for the team, rather than what is best for him.

Club members such as this are solid gold.

Bill Brandsma 373

Billy Brandsma has had a season he will never forget after transferring from Kalamunda. To be part of a rink that would gain the honour of being best performed in the PL and would not have been contemplated at the beginning of the season. There was one constant coming Sherro’s way thru the PL season and that was how well Billy Brandsma was playing, this was coming from the opposition players.

The possibility of playing finals would have been a major plank in his thinking I would imagine, over the years Billy has never been involved with any type of final at PL level but has done so in One White.
He also capped off a terrific season by winning the Champion of Club Champions Pairs with Jamie O`Keefe.
He is a sport loving person who is involved with another sport, Australian Football where he coaches juniors, Doubleview were very fortunate to see a person of Billy’s calibre walk into the Club.

Kyle McIlroy 370

Last seasons winner has done well to finish 4th, another year in the Grand Final for Kyle, This year he was in charge of a rink that had many changes in comparison to the previous season where there were few changes if any changes.

Highlight of the year for Kyle was his wonderful display playing lead at Bendigo in the Australian Sides Series where he was at his best for the series, such was his display he would be a huge chance to win the Alan Eddy/Rod Wishart Medal.

Kyle has retired from the sport for a year or two due to business and family commitments , I would think Doubleview would be looking hard to find a way that might encourage him to reconsider that decision

Dave Rankin 367

Not the best season for Dave Rankin win wise but no doubt he has played a major role since transferring to Doubleview. Tho yet to taste the spoils of victory when a Grand final is won while playing for Doubleview he still had an enormous season with an outstanding display in the recently held Sides Series held in Bendigo where he is in the running to win the Allan Eddy/ Rod Wishart Medal

David was also runner up in the State Singles which is a further indication that while the rink he was in charge of this year didn’t fire to the expectations that would have been expected he himself did.

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