October 2, 2013

Wendy Davis: One Of Texas’ Most Liberal State Senators

Wendy Davis is far too liberal for Texas. Her voting record proves it.

Wendy Davis, candidate for Texas Governor, compiled the second most liberal voting record as a State Senator in 2011, according to Rice University professor Mark P. Jones.

Far from tilting toward the center as many Democrats in swing districts are wont to do, Davis instead embraced her ideological base, with the legislative voting record of an unabashed Texas liberal.

The voting record of an “unabashed liberal,” according to a prominent political scientist, certainly defies the notion that Wendy Davis is some sort of Texas moderate. Indeed, with such a far-left voting record, she is far to the left of even the typical Texas Senate Democrat.

Wendy Davis, far too liberal for Texas.

Mark P. Jones, chairman of Rice University’s political science department, developed rankings of Texas state senators based on their votes during the regular and special sessions in 2011.

Despite the eye-roll-inducing claims of bipartisanship or moderation, Wendy Davis’ voting record, taken from hundreds of record votes, tells the real story. She is not a conservative or moderate Democrat. She’s not even really mainstream among Democrats in Texas. Senator Davis is a left-wing ideologue who would fit in better with the likes of Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco, who incidentally attended a recent Wendy Davis fundraiser) than members of the Texas Senate. Even after a slight move to the center in the 2013 legislative session, as Professor Jones put it, “perhaps due to calculations regarding her political future,” Wendy Davis still ranked as the fourth most liberal Texas Senator.

That’s moderation? Fourth most liberal in Texas?

It’s no wonder Wendy Davis has such a thin record of accomplishment in office, unlike many of her party colleagues in the Texas Senate.

Texans are looking for a leader to keep our state number one for job creation, not someone who will set Texas on the failed economic path of California or Detroit. Texans are looking for a bulwark against the the radical agenda of Barack Obama, not someone who will make undermining Texas’ exceptional success story easier in Obama’s final two years in office.

Rhetoric is rhetoric, but facts are facts, and the facts speak for themselves. Wendy Davis is much too liberal for Texas.

More details and methodology available from 2011 at the Texas Tribune (and the 2013 explanation is here).